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Slow cooker bone broth Recipe for B-F Moms

Bone broth Recipe overnight within the slow cooker. It tastes like vegetables, bay, lemons, and herbs to make it more pleasant on winter days.


Beef, veal bones, and or chicken

Take carrots, roughly chopped =2 carrots
leek, roughly chopped =1 leek
celery stick, roughly chopped =1 celery stick
juice 1 lemon =1 lemon
bay leaf =1 bay leaf


Heat oven to 180C/160C fan/gas 4.
Spread the bones on a baking sheet and fry them for an hour, turning them after 30 minutes.
Heat the slow cooker if necessary. Pack the veg into the slow cooker, add the bones and enough water to fill the pot within 2 cm of the highest. Add the juice and therefore the bay leaves. Cover and cook on low for 18 to 36 hours. The longer you cook the broth the darker it’ll become.

Place a colander on top of a bowl and find all the bones in the colander. Return any bone broth Recipe¬†from the bowl to the pan. Sift all the liquids through a fine sieve. Taste, and season as long as you would like to. Allow the broth to chill and take off the fat. Store within the fridge for up to three days or transfer to freezer bags once it’s cooled.

health benefits of bone broth