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What is twisted tea and twisted tea nutrition facts


Twisted Tea is the world’s strongest diet drink. You can lose up to 12 pounds (5 kg) in just one month with just one 12 oz. (340 ml) cup of Twisted Tea. This makes almost half a pound (0.45 kg) of fat lost every day! Check out our blog for information about this and how many calories are there for the unique weight-loss miracle drink.

What is Twisted Tea

Twisted Tea is a brand of hard-iced tea that was introduced in the year 2001. It’s flavored with spearmint leaves and sweetened with sugar instead of corn syrup or high-fructose corn syrup. It is owned and operated by the Boston Beer Company, the makers of Sam Adam’s beer

This is the world’s strongest coffee. It contains the caffeine equivalent of five cups of coffee, but without the acid or the health risks associated with ordinary coffee. It does not include any sugar. Per cup, there are 4 grams of sugar (the equivalent of one teaspoon).

However, this sugar is in a form that is completely natural and breaks down completely in your body within minutes.
Twisted Tea is a great alternative to other caffeinated drinks such as soda, energy drinks, and even some breakfast cereals.

How many calories in Twisted Tea

In the following section, you will get to know about the exact calories in twisted tea. The calories composition along with the time required to
burn calories coming from this. We are going to discuss the available two variants of twisted tea.

1- Original Hard Iced Tea with (5% alcohol)

There are about 194 calories in one bottle (12 oz.) of Twisted Tea Original Hard Iced Tea.
Calories composition: 100% carbs, 0% protein, 0% fat

Twisted tea nutrition facts

According to nutrition facts, it consists of about 99%-100% carbohydrates with no fat in it. Moreover, the protein content in it is completely zero. In nutrition facts, protein contributes only about 1% of its total nutritional value.

However,  nutrition facts contain enough amount of alcohol as other beverages. Alcohol is one of the
significant ingredients of Twisted Tea ranging from about 44.5%- 48.6%. The alcohol used in this is Malt alcohol. You cannot get drunk by drinking one bottle of it, so this is completely safe for your health. So this drink significantly don’t have high nutritional value, but it can be a good choice for you for hanging out with friends or at night parties

Calories ————— 194
Total Fat ————– 0%
Saturated fat ———- 0 g
Trans fat ————— 0 g
Cholesterol ———— 0 mg
Sodium —————- 8 mg
Total carbohydrate — 25.9 g
Sugar —————— 23.3 g
Dietary fiber ———- 0 g
Protein —————- 0 g
Potassium ———— 271 mg
Calcium ————— 34 mg
Alcohol ————— 14 g
Iron ——————  0 mg

Calories Breakdown ( in  Original Hard Iced Tea with 5% alcohol)

A total of 194 calories come from;
 51.4% carbohydrates
 48.6% alcohol

2-  Half & Half Hard Iced Tea with (5% alcohol)

There are almost 215 calories in one bottle (12 oz) of Twisted Tea Half & Half Hard Iced Tea.

Calorie composition : 99% carbs, 1% protein, 0% fat

Nutrition facts:

Calories  —————-  215
Total Fat —————-  0%
Saturated fat ———— 0 g
Trans fat —————- 0 g
Cholesterol ————- 0 mg
Total carbohydrate —- 30.5 g
Dietary fiber ———— 0 g
Sugar ——————- 26.6 g
Protein —————– 0 g
Alcohol —————-  14 g

Calories Breakdown ( in Twisted Tea, Half & Half Hard Iced Tea with5% alcohol)

A total of 215 calories come from;
 55.5% carbohydrate
 44.5% alcohol

Calorie Burn Time Needed:

How much time would it take to burn off calories?

 Original Hard Iced Tea (194 calories)

You can adopt anyone one of the following options given below.
Swimming 16 minutes
Jogging 22 minutes
Cycling 30 minutes
Walking 54 minutes

Half & Half Hard Iced Tea (215 calories)

You can adopt anyone one of the following options given below
Swimming 18 minutes
Jogging 25 minutes
Cycling 33 minutes
Walking 60 minutes

What alcohol is in twisted tea


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