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If you would like to write it down for us and have the interest to become our contributor for Health, Food, Wellness, Weight Loss, Grow Taller, Relationship, Diet, and other categories. We are happy to accept high-quality contributions, that shouldn’t be overly self-promotional. All information post here is to help the readers only. Your website should be informative, (not commercial pages as we treated those affiliated links) we’ll gladly link to it. However, for the merchandise promotion between the article – we may take hold from you
Here are some rules for posting articles on our site

The article should be high quality, and helpful.
The article must be unique, no rewritten or spin articles are accepted.
Promote your published contributions socially.
Your other publishing links are going to be helpful for getting quick approval.

Word count

The article you should be sent to us should be from 1000 words and above. It ought to be significant and ought not to contain annexes or pointless reiterations.

Tone of writing

We create fun, that’s why our readers love us. The article should be in a fun and positive manner, try to engage the reader, and tell them to get healthy.

How do you send your articles?

Immediately after writing your articles, send them to [email protected]

After Receiving the article, We checked for plagiarism, grammar, SEO, readability and then approved. This should take a maximum of 7 days.

Here’s a list of the type of high-quality article topics we would look for from our guest contributors

List of topics


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